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Simple memo pad - Nooote

3.16 usd

Nooote is a simple notepad with excellent operability, to browse properties.■ Category FeaturesSo easy to find the note can view the note list for each category.
■ keyword search functionYou can find Notepad on multiple keywords separated by a space.
■ color label functionYou can set the color label according to the application category, a memo.
■ Sort of a drag-and-dropCategory, the memo can be sorted in any order.
■ Replication feature category, and notesCategory, the memo can be easily replicated. Available as a specific category of boilerplate, and notes.
■ sharing features of NotepadYou may be able to send e-mail and other apps.
■ Switching the page by swipingBe switched back and forth swipe categories, notes back and forth.
■ SettingYou can choose from 2 Light, the Dark theme.You can choose from three home, category list, the memo list page at startup.Category list, memo list, memo preview, edit screen Note You can set the font size for separately.
Notepad, Notes